Empire: Total War

The campaign itself includes historical figures such as French dictator and pint-sized comedy staple Napoleon, and ten playable factions vying for economic and political supremacy, including Great Britain, America, France and Prussia. The Creative Assembly promises plenty of variety in the different factions and their units, with abilities and tech trees evolving throughout the period - so playing as a naval power such as Britain will be very different to playing as an emerging continental power such as Prussia, for example.

Empire: Total War will also feature a new fully animated, non-grid-based campaign map for planning your empire-building, allowing for tighter control of army movement as well as a closer relationship between the terrain you see at this strategic level and the terrain you start with on the battlefield. Also, buildings will now be visible on the map without you having to click on the settlements that they’re in, so you’ll be able to click on them and upgrade directly from the map. Apart from the added convenience, this means you’ll now be able to see at a glance how developed a region is without trawling through a menu to investigate, and your armies can attack and destroy individual buildings.

It’s still very early days for Empire: Total War, but it looks as if this game about conquering the known world could well see The Creative Assembly achieving a massive expansion of their own strategy empire.

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