Emergency Mayhem

One of the more GTA -ish ones we’ve heard about involves driving critically ill patients to the hospital. Each bump or jolt brings them one step closer to their early demise, as represented by a little heart icon that coughs and splutters when you drive badly.

The three emergency services are completely separate, so you don’t ever get to swap between vehicles in the middle of a mission. Instead, you continue racing around in one particular type of transport until you either run out of time or complete enough missions to earn some sort of upgrade.

Appropriately for such a simple sort of game, it’s controlled entirely using the remote. You tilt it to steer, and point at the screen for some of the minigames such as tracing the wires in a ticking bomb or aiming projectiles in a basic kind of first-person shooter scene.

The developers promise The Simpsons-style humor, so there should be something for older gamers, too. No US release date has been set, but here’s hoping.


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