Elizabeth Moss joins Did You Hear About The Morgans?

Mad Men’s Elizabeth Moss has joined the cast of Did You Hear About The Morgans, which already stars Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The film – which was announced untitled late last year – sees Grant and Parker as a high-powered Noo Yoik couple who witness a murder and must go into witness protection in a small Wyoming town.

Marc Lawrence – who seems to like working with Hugh, since he's directed him in both Two Weeks Notice and Music & Lyrics – has written and will direct the film starting in the Big Apple this May before, we assuming moving either to Wyoming itself or somewhere that can stand in for it.

Moss, meanwhile, who is great on Mad Men, will play Grant’s controlling, near OCD assistant.

We just hope it’s not Sister Act: Yuppies Hit The Sticks…

[Source: THR ]

Are you excited for a new high concept Hugh Grant rom com? Or should he look for more challenging work?


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