Elebits Hints

  • No sound? No problem!

    Entry location: any place where sound is not allowed
    There are some levels where you can't make a lot of noise. Try to find a no sound power up (purple electric thing) and use it. When this power up is active there is no sound so you can make all the noise you want! (for a little bit)
    Submitted by YO MAMMA
  • Beat Earth Elebit

    Entry location: Earth Elebit level
    The Earth Elebit is a little bit more challenging then the other bosses. To avoid his Beam attack, use the time he takes of charging it and get away! When he shoots it you should be away far enough to dodge it quite easily. The next attack is a little harder to dodge especially when he's big. When he is about to do his charge attack you'll see him hop around and cheer. Now this is the time to get away and dodge it when he runs or bounces at you. To weaken him after he charges you shoot him and little Elebits with shells on their heads should jump out of him or he will start to absorb them. SHOOT THESE GUYS AT ALL COSTS! they make the Elebit even stronger and faster
    Submitted by Father Rhino
  • Beat Water Elebit

    Entry location: Water Elebit level
    This is the first boss in the game so it's really easy, but I'll give you some tips. When the Water Elebit multiplies into its last stage of little Elebits DON"T SHOOT THEM YET. If you shoot the shield off but miss the Elebit itself they're practically invisible because the shield is so bright it's hard to miss. Make sure you have a clear shot at them and shoot down them and their shields before they can get away.
    Submitted by Father Rhino
  • Beat Sky Elebit

    This boss is harder to hit but farely weaker than the other bosses. His two attacks are throwing tornadoes at you and summoning orange Elebits to attack you. To dodge the tornadoes is VERY hard. He'll start to spin around before he uses this attack so that will give a little time to run away and dodge them. Now when the Sky Elebit summons the orange Elebits all of the orange Elebits turn blackish, purpleish. Shoot all the Elebits before they can form into a beam and shoot themselves at you. If you fail Try to dodge the beam as much as possible. The Sky Elebit has a shield generated by two strange looking creatures. You must shoot these creatures so the shield will be down for about 3 seconds. In those 3 seconds let em have it!
    Submitted by Father Rhino

Elebits Unlockables

  • Unlock New Mission Modes

    Score Attack - Collect one pink Elebit
    Challenge Mission - Collect two pink Elebits
    Eternal Mission - Collect three pink Elebits
    Submitted by rogue
  • Rare Item Locations

    By finding the rare items, you can unlock special abilities.

    Fixed Radar Unit - Level 3
    Repair Unit - Level 6
    Sensible Shoes - Level 8
    Camouflage Unit - Level 11
    Auto Repair System - Level 12
    Item Boost Unit - Level 18
    Capture Range Expansion - Level 20
    Submitted by rogue

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More Info

Release date: Dec 12 2006 - Wii (US)
Available Platforms: Wii
Genre: Action
Published by: Konami
Developed by: Konami
ESRB Rating:
Everyone: Cartoon Violence