Elebits - hands-on

Essentially, that's all you do in the game - turn the world upside down as you look for more and more electric Elebits. To make the search more interesting, there are two-to-three step puzzles to solve with some of the newly charged items. For example, a shredder, once activated, can start chewing up specific items lying around the room. Find the right thing, grab it with the gun and hover it on over to the shredder and watch even more Elebits spew forth.

Different Elebits are worth different amounts, but their state of mind also contributes to their wattage worth. Nab 'em while they're sleeping and you bag a lot more points than if they're running in fear. And, to vary it up even more, some Elebits will try to knock you down or alert the other critters in the area to your presence.