Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Shivering Isles

And what role-playing expansion would be complete without a fresh menagerie of monsters - and weapons to repeatedly hit them round the head with? As with the art style and demeanour of the locals, creatures differ according to which subsection of insanity you’re adventuring in. A typical beast found in the over-the-top lands of Mania, for example, is the Elytra - a giant ant-like insect with garish oil-spill rainbow patterning, beady red eyes and furiously jabbing pincers.

A similarly feared denizen of Dementia meanwhile would be its representation of Hunger - a ghastly pale figure not unlike the tentacle-mouthed zombies in STALKER, whose emaciated yet muscly figure roams through rural areas picking off livestock and farmers. Other foes that could be mentioned include the big (the Baliwog that seems to be half crocodile, half frog and more than a little Jabba the Hutt), the small (this season’s goblin replacements are known as Grummites) and the ones with sexy chests (“Helloooo, Dark Seductresses!”).

As for tools of smitage with which to destroy this evil (and sexiness), Nelson doesn’t want to go into too much detail for fear of having to talk to me all week. He does, however, mention a sword known as Dawnfang, that gets powered up the more souls you dispatch - essentially levelling up alongside you. Unfortunately, it resets itself at night, when it also changes its name to Duskfang, but it’s a great idea nonetheless. If you’re a particularly magical character, meanwhile, you’ll be interested to hear of the addition of what Bethesda are calling ‘point-blank area-effect spells’, that explode spectacularly around you when they’re cast.


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