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Earthworm Jim 3D Cheats, Codes & Guides

Earthworm Jim 3D Cheats

  • Beating Earthworm Kim

    Get all Udders then go to the dog head in the lobby, he will open a door and you will have to verse Earthworm Kim. Watch out, when you touch her she swtiches bodies and throws out your marbles, to change back touch her again.
    Submitted by Dude-O-Lob-A-Man
  • Playing as Earthworm Kim

    Get all 1000 marbles on all stages, go to the first stage in Fear. There is a door in front of the Professor Monkey-For-A-Head rug, go in it, you have to be as smart as a smart superhero (collect all 1000 marbles) before you go in. When you go in, it stops your game and goes to the beginning part, where Jim is playing the accordion, but Jim isn't there, Kim is. When you start the game with Kim you start from the very beginning (as smart as pond scum). Kim does the same things as Jim but she is two times weaker, her shots do less damage, those health thingies regain two precent instead of five, and marbles don't regain health.
    Submitted by Dude-O-Lob-A-Man
  • Tiny Jim

    On title screen hold Z and press c up, c down, and left on directional pad.
    then play the game and earthworm jim will be tiny
    Submitted by billy

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Available Platforms: N64