E3 rumors: Dead Space 3 to appear at E3 and a release within a year? Quite probably. Here's why

EA has said things. We have interpreted them with business knowledge and maths

So EA is in the mood for discussing money and plans. And while corporate investors' calls are generally about as exciting a concept as a rollercoaster without dips, bends or wheels, in the video game world they do occasionally throw out delightful little nuggets of information long before the official PR schedule is ready to go. Investors are more important than the petty foibles of marketing men. That simple. Hurrah!

The upshot of today's flagrant disregard for official announcements and reveals? The news that we're hitting "another year of blockbuster brands: Madden NFL, FIFA, Sim City, Medal of Honor, Dead Space, and Need for Speed as well as mobile hits like The Simpsons Tapped Out, and Bejeweled"

Sim City and Medal of Honor we knew about. Madden, NFL, FIFA and Need For Speed we can assume will be along every year. But more Dead Space? Oh goody gumdrops, what exciting news that is.

Above: A logo we just made up. Explanation below

Even better news? This financial year runs until the end of March 2013. Which means that Dead Space 3 (provided this reference does indeed make reference to referring to Dead Space 3, and not some spin-off) has to be released within a year. Which means that surely, surely we're in for a big reveal at E3 2012, which kicks off in just under a month on the 5th of June. Given that EA has enigmatically greeted requests for more information by non-specifically asking us to "watch for several big product announcements from EA at E3 in June", I'd say that clinches it.

What do we know about Dead Space 3? Other than that it probably exists and will probably have a '3' in the title (probably at the end), pretty much sod-all. We have however, heard via rumour that it will eschew the series' traditional gloomy ship and station-based environs for the whited-out wastes of an ice planet, with blizzards being just as responsible as shadows for the inconvenient hiding of drooling, toothy, broken-limbed abominations with a taste for space engineer.

And if that's true, then personally I reckon it means that Dead Space 3 is going to be even more like a thinly-disguised remake of John Carpenter's The Thing that ever before. And believe me friends, when I say that I am totally down with that.

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