E3 rumors: Nintendo's Acid Ghost is like Hitman, but with haunting instead of killing. And on a boat


So, the Wii U's Acid Ghost then (unofficially official pronunciation: Aciiid Ghoooooooooost!). A supposed new IP, supposedly set for reveal at E3. Supposedly aimed at a mature audience and supposedly to be unveiled via a video starring Emin-bloody-em. But what the hell is it?

I made a few strong guesses of varying degrees of plausibility yesterday. But now we have some more (supposedly) solid details. Coming from the same anonymous-source-based location as the original story, the new 'info' tells that Acid Ghost will indeed see you playing as a ghost. A ghost on a cruise ship populated by an AI cast with unique individual personalities. It'll be your job (or hobby I suppose, given that ghosts probably have very few overheads to pay for, on account of being dead) to haunt the crap out of these people in a variety of free-form, creative ways.

Above: Aciiid Ghoooooooooooooooost!

You'll be rewarded based on how heavily you traumatise the passengers, and will have the full gamut of ghostly gubbins at your disposal in order to manipulate their actions and otherwise scare the crap out of them. Poultergeistly manipulation of people, lights, furniture, TVs and electronic equipment will be fully available, and you'll also be able to mess with people's food (Poisoning? Throwing? Ominously sculpting mountains out of?) and write things in blood on the walls.

The game will apparently have a dark sense of humour, with current examples of behaviour being the dragging of a sleeping woman's bed into the kitchen to confuse the hell out of her, and the simple joy of covering a kid's bed with spiders.

So, pretty much Hitman-meets-Geist, with a healthy dash of The Ship: Murder Party and a whole slab of upcoming supernatural PC sandbox Lucius thrown in for good measure. I don't know about you, but I am categorically in.

If indeed this thing actually exists, and I haven't just wasted half an hour researching and writing this story, that is.

But either way, Aciiid Ghooooooooooooost!

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