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PC - Top Articles:

Lord General speaks
Tabula Rasa producer, ex-Lord British and big dork, Richard Garriott updates his attire to promote his new MMO

Non-official (yet official) F.E.A.R. sequel revealed
World's first showing of Monolith F.E.A.R. sequel causes involuntary spasms of joy

Debut shots of STALKER: Clear Sky
THQ radiates prequel to atmospheric FPS

We've seen Fallout 3
First details on Vault 101 will please fans and lure strangers to the post-apocalyptic wasteland

World of Warcraft expansion?
"Over the next couple of months you'll hear something, if not the next couple of weeks," says Blizzard

Gears of War - hands-on
New multiplayer mode, maps, and story missions for PC version revealed

PC - Top Games (alphabetically)

The Agency
Are you smoother and deadlier than all those other James (or Jane) Bond wannabes? Now's your chance to prove it in this stylized online spy 'em-up.
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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
The intense war shooter franchise ditches the past and focuses on the present. Can hunting terrorists be as satisfying as killing Nazis?
summary | E3 07: preview | screens | video | news

We can't dismiss this game's tech as fluff. Dropping Far Cry's vicious AI into extreme environments, Crysis offers what sounds like can't-miss gameplay.
summary | preview | screens | video | news

Fallout 3
This dystopian ditty was killed off in mid-development, but the game crafters at Bethesda dug up its corpse. And what a good looking corpse it is.
summary | E3 07: preview | screens | video | news

FEAR sequel [working title]
Nearly nothing is known about the FEAR sequel, but it's shaping up to follow in the original's footsteps.
summary | E3 07: preview | screens | video | news

Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess
Vana'diel's new deal: New characters, new quests and new vistas. The MMO that's anything but final gets a fourth chapter.
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Gods and Heroes: Rome Rising
Travel to the emergent Roman Republic and serve one of the ancient Gods of Roman myth as a powerful action hero - with sidekicks.
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Guild Wars: Eye of the North
Guild Wars sees its first "true expansion," meaning a whole slew of new items and dungeons. Say goodbye to your social life, girlfriend and sunlight.
summary | preview | screens | video

Hellgate: London
Essentially, it's just like the classic click-to-kill RPG Diablo, but in first-person and set in a Hell-risen London.
summary | E3 07: previewscreens | video | news

Left 4 Dead
Valve, the makers of Half-Life, promise to do for co-op games what Counter-Strike did for multiplayer games.
summary | preview | screens | video

The Orange Box [Half-Life 2]
Half-Life 2: Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress 2 are all in this spatially improbable colored box, which contains a total of three action games from Valve.
summary | preview | screens | video | news

Sim City creator Will Wright is creating his most ambitious simulation ever: one for the entire universe.
summary | preview | screens | video

STALKER: Clear Sky
A first-person shooter that will have you plunging into the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant to kill ugly, ugly things.
summary | preview | screens | video | news

StarCraft II
One of the most legendary, beloved PC real-time strategy games is back after nearly a decade. It looks incredible.
summary | preview | screens | video

Tabula Rasa
A massively multiplayer online RPG has unprotected sex with a first-person, sci-fi shooter. Wanna see the kid?
summary | preview | screens | video | news

Unreal Tournament 3
Say farewell to the last generation of games. Once you see this first-person shooter in action, there's no going back.
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PC - The Rest

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
Build castles, siege kingdoms and be a drunken, womanizing, homicidal bastard in this MMO based on the works of author Robert E. Howard.
summary | preview | screens | video

Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties
Rise of Nations developer Big Huge Games tackles this second expansion. New goodies include playable Asian civilizations, new ways of winning and trading, and new map styles.
summary | preview | screens | video

Another RPG with fantasy elements. Click-click-click, but this time you can sprout wings, fly and engage in aerial combat.
summary | preview | screens | video

Alan Wake
An absurdist David Lynch frightmare with a Grand Theft Auto bent. Beware of what goes bump in the night... and during the day.
summary | preview | screens  | video

Alone in the Dark
The original survivor-horror experience is being reinvented for the new generation of gaming.
summary | preview | screens | video

Assassin's Creed
Leap, climb, fight and slay your way across the Middle Ages in this historical action epic.
summary | preview | screens | video | news

The Bee Movie
In real life, bees will sting you, but in the upcoming animation from DreamWorks they'll do a bunch of other stuff that will make a fun game.
summary | preview | screens | video

That epic poem you had to read for class is back. Don't worry this time: it's an action-packed videogame.
summary | preview | screens | video

A fallen Eden under the sea, created by a legendary team of developers... this could be a landmark scary shooter.
summary | previewscreens | video

BlackSite: Area 51
The scarily atmospheric sci-fi shooter returns. Sleep now before crawling alien torsos haunt your dreams forever.
summary | preview | screens | video

Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII
Forget old-fashioned dog fights. In this flight combat sequel, your planes and weapons will be experimental prototypes that may or may not have existed in the 1940s.
summary | preview | screens | video

Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway
This gritty, squad-based WWII shooter returns with an impossible mission sure to strip you of at least a few of your brothers.
summary | preview | screens | video | news

Clive Barker's Jericho
Horror shooter straight from the dark and twisted mind of Clive Barker.
summary | preview | screens | video

The Club
The team behind Project Gotham is working on a gun-heavy riff on Fight Club.
summary | preview | screens | video

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
The undisputed champion of WWII real-time strategy games gets honored with an upgrade, featuring two new armies, new multiplayer maps and more.
summary | preview | screens | video

This actioner, emphasizing co-op gameplay, casts you as a two-strong team of elite gun-toting warriors.
summary | preview | screens | video

Devil May Cry 4
The reins get passed to a new hero named Nero in this slash-bang sequel.
summary | preview | screens | video

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars
Quad-bikes, zombie-control, alien walkers, anti-gravity ships, and lots of futuristic warfare.
summary | preview | screens | video

EverQuest: Secrets of Faydwer
The original EverQuest just keeps rolling on with this, its latest expansion, promising to be quite secretive and fairy-filled.
summary | preview | screens | video

EverQuest II: Rise of Kunark
One of the favorite lands from the original EverQuest gets reinvented in this expansion for EverQuest II, including classic haunts and a new playable race.
summary | preview | screens | video

Far Cry 2
In the works, but under wraps. What does the next rumble in the jungle hold for us?
summary | preview | screens | video

FIFA Soccer 08
Last year's edition certainly marked a change for the better and early impressions of FIFA 08 have been unanimously positive - shots and ball behavior are reported to be nigh on perfect.
summary | preview | screens | video

Blending elements from first-person shooters and MMOs, this game focuses on Player vs. Player (PvP) combat. Advance your character while fighting alongside guildmates at a breakneck pace worthy of Unreal Tournament.
summary | preview | screens | video

Free Realms
Dress up like an elf and play checkers. The open-ended world of Free Realms will combine social games with fantasy landscapes.
summary | preview | screens | video

Gears of War
Hey remember this game? You should it came out this year and was the one of the best things about the 360. Now it's going to be on your PC.
summary | E3 07: previewscreensvideo  | news

The Golden Compass
Based not on the novel, but the film of the same name, Sega will once again try to break the cursed genre that is game-based-on-movie.
summary | preview | screens | video

Happy Tree Friends: False Alarm
Gameplay has been described as Lemmings meets Itchy & Scratchy. And you control three characters simultaneously.
summary | preview | screens | video

The new shooter from the makers of Time Splitters, with a plot revolving around a shadowy world of bio-medical modifications.
summary | preview | screens | video

Pull off dozens of heists so you will live in infamy as the greatest bank robber of all time.
summary | preview | screens  | video

Hour of Victory
Fight on the frontlines of WWII as three different Axis-executing Allies.
summary  | preview | screens | video

Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights
Plenty of pimpable rides are expected from this European racer.
summary | preview | screens | video

Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Another third-person action game from the makers of the Hitman series? Where do we get in line?
summary | preview | screens | video | news

Kung Fu Hustle
Will a goofy, chop-socky Asian film become a must-play side-view online fighting game?
summary | preview | screens | video

Madden NFL 08
Like a bear in springtime, John Madden has emerged from hibernation for yet another installment in this yearly football series.
summary | preview | screens | video

Medal of Honor: Airborne
One of the finest WWII series takes to the skies. Ready to re-enlist?
summary | E3 07: preview | screens | video

Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms
This expansion to the smashing historical RTS gets medieval on your ass with new units, multiplayer maps and four additional campaigns.
summary | preview | screens | video

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames
Raze Venezuela to the ground in the name of the highest bidder in this war for oil - just don't forget money to buy tanks, helicopters, bazookas and more.
summary | E3 07: preview | screens | video

MotoGP '07
This motorcycle racer is promising interactive track-side crowds, new tournament features, online pink-slip racing and "significantly" more bike and player customization options.
summary | preview | screens | video

Operation Flashpoint 2
Meticulously detailed realism applied to modern warfare, with a "multitude of military disciplines."
summary | preview | screens | video

Pirates of the Burning Sea
Take to the high seas and hoist the pirate clichés in this Caribbean MMO.
summary | preview | screens | video

Pro Evolution Soccer 2008
This year's Winning soccer entry employs something called Teamvision that'll actually help your opponents learn exactly how to better kick that ass.
summary | preview | screens | video

Race Driver One
A racer that goes from the streets to tracks, and boasts advanced physics and vehicle damage.
summary | preview | screens | video

Rise of the Argonauts
An action-RPG where the player leads a party through a life of brutal combat in ancient Greece.
summary | preview | screens | video

Rocketmen: Axis of Evil
This online shooter promises four player action based on a popular constructable strategy game.
summary | preview | screens | video

Rogue Warrior
Dismantle a nuke-powered North Korea in this wide-open squad shooter.
summary | preview | screens | video

Section 8
This sci-fi shooter will toss you in powered-armor suits and give you tactical control over its epic battles.
summary | preview | screens | video

Sega Rally Revo
A brand new entry into the popular arcade-born rally driving series.
summary | previewscreens | video | news 

The Settlers: Rise of an Empire
It's back to the medieval era in a sim-strategy that finds players dealing with the daily lives of settlers, gathering resources, dabbling with economics and building an empire.
summary | preview | screens | video

SimCity Societies
The city constructing simulator returns, with an exciting new level of customization and building options.
summary | preview | screens | video

Star Wars: Battlefront III
In the next Star Wars frag fest, we hope the developers can create Ewok versus Gungan deathmatches to satisfy our bloodlust for both races.
summary | preview | screens | video

The spiritual successor to the Hong Kong smash Hard Boiled, Stranglehold aims to blow you away with ridiculous action, amazing physics and John Woo's matchless style.
summary | preview | screens | video

Thrillville: Off the Rails
The amusement park simulator returns with wilder rides, prettier parks, friendlier guests and plenty more vomit to mop up.
summary | preview | screens | video

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08
The people who brought you Outlaw Golf are taking over the franchise, and the new features focus on deeper customization and better tools for the community.
summary | preview | screens | video

This futuristic shooter is aiming to turn bullet-time from a cool gimmick into a crucial gameplay element.
summary | preview | screens | video

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
The sneaking franchise leaves the shadows. Sam Fisher is a fugitive on the run and, in the game's big and bright environments, a packed crowd can sometimes be his only place to hide.
summary | preview | screens | video

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty
This first-person shooter flips the script on US involvement in WWII... can you free America from Nazi control?
summary | preview | screens | video

Universe at War: Earth Assault
Wage war on the cosmos in this combat intensive real-time strategy epic.
summary | preview | screens | video

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
Fantasy killage on an epic scale that promises to be a warmongerer's paradise
summary | preview | screens | video

War World
In this third-person mech shooter, you take that bloodthirsty attitude of yours and sit in the cockpit of a giant robotic death-machine. Then you rage around this random planet that's been ravaged by war, and bring in some robot-on-robot war. For the children.
summary | preview | screens | video | news

The Wheelman
Vin Diesel started his own game company and this high-speed actioner will be its first release.
summary | preview | screens | video

The Witcher
A spicy stew of fantasy mainstays and modern thinking in a cauldron of real-time combat and unconventional storytelling.
summary | E3 07: preview | screens | video

World in Conflict
With simplified resource management, we're already drawing up strategies for assaulting burger joints, donut factories and shopping malls.
summary | preview | screens | video


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