E3 09: GR's Absurd Photo Diary

Assassin's Creed 2 flying contraption in action at the Sony Conference!

Brett arrives just in time for the Sony conference; shields his eyes from the power of the Giant Red Screen.

Chris Antista (GR),Scott Butterworth (PTOM),and Joe McNeilly (GR)enjoying mimosas pre-Sony. The games press life is a hard one!

GR's Brett Elston takes the stage with OXM's Paul Curthoys to jam out "Back in the USSR" atop an LA high rise.

Jay and Em at the DJ Hero/Guitar Hero party!

A custom ODST controller will ship with the game. We snagged this sample version after playing the game's Firefight (aka Horde) mode.

Moments before the Microsoft press conference began, a study in green.

A whole gaggle of Jedi and Sith walked out, each brandishing glowy lightsabers, to promote Old Republic's seriously badass trailer.

You Tweeted, we responded- E3 toilets!