E3 07: Worst Screenshots of E3

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
The oddest letterboxing we've ever seen. When trying to generate buzz for a game that's been available for over six months, you might want to check those pictures, huh? 

Halo 3
They say that Halo 3’s action is so relentless, so furious, that it bends time itself. As a result, attempting to catch a legitimate screenshot is like trying to photograph a vampire. So whatever Master Chief is firing at remains cloaked in anonymity. GamesRadar's own Paul Ryan explains.

Dewy's Adventure
Little kid: "Oh sweet, Dewy screenshots... Cool... This game looks totally awes - OH MY GOD! What's happening? The computer's trying to eat Dewy! MOMMY!" Thank god for interns.


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