E3 07: Worst Screenshots of E3

Konami Kid's Playground
Metal Gear Solid 4. Yeah, Konami sent usa couple picsfor that. The new DDR games: a handful of images. Konami Kid's Playground? About18,000 screenshotsworth. Because it's all about priority.

Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors
Want to know how the new Wii Dragon Quest game plays? Well, you'll have to settle for this '60's Batman "Pow" splash. We'd translate it, but we're pretty sure it says "Wham," or "Low Battery." Judging by the little man in the lower left corner, he's batting a dragon on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. "Bad Dragon! We poop outside in this house!"

We like our games atmospheric, but damn, who turned out the lights? As best we can tell, that tiny beacon of color in the middle - that's probably Heckboy. And he's more than likely doing something.