E3 07: The alternative press conf awards

The Sony Conference, Culver City, Los Angeles, 11:15am PST, 7/11/07

1. Most boring video footage award
Hmm, Home. Is this really the future of social networking? Will it really become the new Second Life? Can it seriously put Facebook out of business? Or will it just create a virtual haven for stalkers, perverts and ugly men who want to invite unsuspecting girls into their sex dungeons? We don't have the answers. We'll have to wait and see in the upcoming public Beta.

However, our presiding opinion of Home's press conference showing was that the environments we'll be populating are surprisingly "un" videogames. Rather than sci-fi space colonies, fantasy forest dwellings or underwater utopias, we get an architect-designed apartment next to a Norwegian fjord. Which is okay if you're a 47-year-old design consultant, but less exciting if you're twelve and into superheroes.

Anyway, the footage which rolled when Phil Harrison introduced the "homes" we could look forward to buying were - well - a bit boring. Actually, make that very boring.


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