E3 07: Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution - hands-on

At any rate, the game follows the example set by the prior two: fast-paced fighting action for up to four players at the same time (though the demo kiosks were set up to only accommodate two, as were the fights versus the computer). The controls are simple; even with the enhancement of the Wii Remote, things got off the ground very quickly.

You move your character with the analog stick on the nunchuk; The D-pad on the Wii remote is simply used to trigger your special move - once you've charged it up. Shaking the Wii remote produces a light attack; hard-attack is the A button. It's a somewhat incongruous mix. We know from playing the import that you can use the Classic Controller or GameCube controller with that version - we expect the same here. The stick-waggling should prove fun for parties, though.

That's really about it; we didn't get much of a peek at the game, with no insight into the story mode or the promised new missions that will be part of it. It's a simple but fun 3D fighter, and if you haven't played the GameCube games, expect the kind of game better suited to party play than serious competition: lots of crazy special moves, lots of quick battles decided by a simple combo or two.

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