E3 07: MySims - hands-on

Ready for Animal Crossing for the Wii? Tough. It doesn't exist yet. What does exist, however, is the equally adorable MySims, which marries the gameplay of the beloved PC games with cute-as-a-button anime presentation that looks incredibly at home on the Wii. We were instantly interested and happily surprised by the game's depth.

In fact, we're really surprised at how much the game retains from its big sister. Though the graphics have been simplified, everything from the mouse-like interface (which makes sense with the Wii controller - fair enough) to the build-your-own-house and fill-it-with-your-stuff has been retained. You'll design your own furniture, in fact - making it out of building blocks.

Keeping up the complexity, there are six different types of Sims living in the world of MySims, including cute, tasty, geeky, studious, fun and spooky. The difference essences of each item in the world can attract these Sims, and when you build a piece of furniture or other object - like a big wooden pirate ship that your characters can play on - it will attract different types of Sims depending on the items you use when constructing it.


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