E3 07: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Once the big baddie was down, we jumped ahead in the story to a place called SkyTown. It's a city built inside of a gas giant like Jupiter, held in place by electric fields like Cloud City (another Empire similarity). This area felt quite different from the earlier games, offering a grappling hook roller coaster that flings you from one floating metal island to the next. Samus' new Phazon Suit was on hand too, which at some point gives you the ability to inject the poisonous substance directly into her body. The catch is that if you use it too much, you'll be "corrupted" as well.

At this point in the game, one of the rival hunters has done something to put Samus in danger. Your onboard computer tells you Ghor has questionable motives and is somewhere on this planet, so in addition to solving puzzles and frying aliens, you'll have to keep an eye out. Before we could explore any more, our hour of time was done, so we packed up and left.

After thinking about the gameplay for a bit, we came to the conclusion that Corruption might not be as smashing as we once thought. Yes, the free aiming is a nice touch and using the grapple beam to yank enemy shields away is a cool, but the bottom line is the same as Prime and Echoes. You'd also think Samus would be part of a Wii technical showcase, wowing the world with graphics that the system has yet to achieve (as the first Prime did in 2002), but it really doesn't look much different at all. Super Mario Galaxy has this honor instead, looking almost as good as a lower-end Xbox 360 title.

Again, these are our latest impressions and not indicative of the final game. Then again, it ships in a little over a month so it's essentially done. It'll likely be on par with the other two, maybe a tad less due to its similarities, but at this point we're not convinced it's going to impress the same way the first game did so many years ago. A perfectly fun game, sure, but maybe not the AAA killer-app it's being billed as.


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