E3 07: Halo 3

* The appearance and behavior of the enemies will be very familiar to Halo fans. The Grunts are as lightweight and comical as ever, squeaking and squawking more than they actually shoot. The Jackals' shields still seem like a bitch to get around. And you can still knock off the Brutes' armor with a well placed shot or two. The creatures underneath are a lot scarier, however - with next-gen graphics, you can see every nasty hair, distinguish every battle scar and feel the menacing heat of every glowing red slit of an eye. While the other aliens are still slightly cartoonish, the Brutes look frighteningly real.

* Also real is the blood. In one of the random Master Chief deaths we witnessed, the Spartan was smashed against a wall, splattering a surprising volume of blood into the air and leaving quite the nasty stain behind.

* The graphics look great. No joke, no puff. We wouldn't say they look as detailed as thenew screenshotssuggest, but Bungie has found the perfect balance between fantasy and reality. Trees, sunlight, clouds, water and the textures in general look beautifully believable, but not to the point where neon-colored aliens look out of place. This is how Halo should look on the Xbox 360.

* Halo 3's campaign will be approximately the same length as those in Halo and Halo 2. Bungie hinted at the possibility of future downloadable content for multiplayer ("We have a history of supporting our games"), but there are no plans to add anything extra to the single player.

* The demo did not contain music, as it has not been put in yet. But the orchestra has finished scoring the soundtrack.

* What else? Do you care about the loading screen? If you do, it's a bunch of silver particles slowly filling in the shape of a Halo ring. Actually quite mesmerizing.

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