E3 06: Super Mario Galaxy - hands on

With so many objects floating around, there are obviously a few different paths to take. The main adventure seemed the same, but there were two different boss battles to check out. One was a giant space spider that gushes green poison from its mouth. To take it down, you have to hop on its web, point the wand on Mario use it to stretch the web back. Once released, it springs Mario across the web, bursting the vessels on the spider's back.

The other was a sprawling robot monster that latched onto a smaller planet and started firing homing Bullet Bills (a classic Mario enemy). At its top was a glowing dome that you just couldn't break - so, get those Bills to follow to you up to the top and take care of this thing once and for all.

Super Mario Galaxy may not be a launch title, though. Miyamoto himself said the plan was to get it done, but to make it right, an early 2007 release may be more realistic.

May 11, 2006


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