Dynasty Warriors 6

Here’s the interesting thing: Dynasty Warriors 6 is getting real. To get your battering ram in close and protected you’ll first need to scale the walls with infantry armed with ladders and even leap from cliffs to take the enemy by surprise. And what a surprise: if taken aback, they’ll scatter and try to regroup. In past games they’d stand their ground, demanding to be cut to shreds.

Just getting to the battle will require more thought this time around, too. Wildly galloping across the battlefield will land you in big trouble, from the enemy and from the wildlife. Wolves and tigers will attack if you spook them. The answer is to think tactically, sneak up on enemies using the rivers, either swimming or taking a boat. You can now move vertically, climbing mountains and cliffs to get the jump on the enemy army when it least expects it.

Will any of this really make a difference? Perhaps, but Koei is bending over backwards to ensure that there are new ways to play Dynasty Warriors. But if you do want to play it old-school, then the new unlimited combo system, named Renbu, will offer some good old-fashioned button-bashing. Hopefully Koei has played a lot of God of War and picked up some tips, ensuring enemy juggling and timing is better than just randomly hammering one button until “1000 enemies defeated!” flashes across the screen.

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  • Auron - February 18, 2009 9:15 p.m.

    I'm so getting this game tomorrow. *FIRST YAY!*

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