Duncan Jones heads to the Deep

We’ve raved in the past about Duncan Jones great little incoming indie sci-fi pic Moon, so we’re excited to see he’s got more work lined up.

While he’s already got a follow-up set (more on that in a sec), Jones has also nabbed the rights to Alex Kershaw’s Escape From The Deep.

It follows the story of the real-life USS Tang (below), a US Navy sub hit by one of its own torpedoes, which then sinks to the bottom of the Pacific.

The crew is forced to escape from the crippled vessel and swim 180 feet to the surface – even as enemy depth charges exploded around them.

"Having been fascinated by submarine films like 'Das Boot' and 'Crimson Tide,' it's a really unique opportunity to tell an amazing story like this that is actually true," Jones tells Variety.

He’s roped in Kershaw to pen the adaptation, so it should be faithful.

But while he waits for that script to cook, he’s already figuring out his next project, Mute.

"This is a bigger, more commercial film than Moon, although it is another science fiction project," says Jones. "It's a thriller set in Berlin in the future."

Can. Not. Wait.

[Source: Variety ]

Excited to see Moon? And do you think a sub pic’s a good call?


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