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    Code Description
    dnunlock Unlocks doors
    dnallen says a message
    dnclip walk through walls (very unstable)
    dncosmo another message
    dnhyper steroids effect
    dnbeta yet another message
    dnskill# set skill level
    dncoords shows your coordinates
    dnrate displays the frame rate
    dnitems gives you power-ups
    dnkeys all keys
    dndebug displays debug info
    dninventory all power-ups
    dnweapons all weapons and full ammo
    dnmonsters toggles the monsters off
    dnlooksfunnyshade Make monsters pink
    dncashman throws money when you hit the use key
    dnview external Duke view (same as F7)
    Code reported invalid
    level warp (episode, two-digit level number). To warp to level 7 in episode 1, you would type dnscotty107. It is important to include the zeroes
    dnstuff all weapons, keys and power-ups
    dnshowmap shows entire map
    dncornholio God mode and unlimited jetpack
    dnkroz same as Cornholio, but easier to type
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