DS-only games coming this year

Untitled Sonic RPG

The status of this project is a bit vague now that developer BioWare (of Mass Effect fame) has been swallowed up by EA. The developer loves its third-person leveling-up RPG epics; is it too much to hope for a sprawling 3D Green Hill Zone, with Sonic spin-attacking the metal faces off Robotnik robo-cronies in real-time? However it works, only global nuclear apocalypse can prevent the crushingly inevitable appearance of Vector the Bloody Crocodile.

Above: Powershot Pinball Constructor, Advance Wars: Dark Conflict

Powershot Pinball Constructor

DS is still missing a truly special simulation of shiny ball and twin flipper kerthunking. PPC promises ball physics so accurate you’ll momentarily believe the DS screen is real live pinball. On top of that - the clue’s in the name - it provides a full table builder. Plus, there’s a versus mode with “sabotage tricks” like freezing your rival’s flippers or blacking out their screen.

Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Someone at Intelligent Systems must have split up with their girlfriend. The new Advance Wars is all dark and morose: 90% of humankind’s been squashed by a meteor, leaving you to protect the survivors. But, at its (dark) heart, Days of Ruin (or Dark Conflict in the UK) is the usual brain-fizzing strateg-o-brilliance. Best bit? Wi-Fi multiplayer, with custom maps uploadable to a central server.


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