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Druuna Cheats

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    Enter CHEATON for a code by going to the leftmost console and moving the pointer to the left and right arrows and pressing ENTER to scroll the letters. When the code is input press the CONFIRM button and enter. Letters for the code will appear at the bottom of the screen
    MEMOK - All memories
    OGGOK - All items
    DRUUNA0 - Regular clothes
    DRUUNA1 - no clothes
    DRUUNA2 - Wild Clothes
    DRUUNA3 - Lara Croft Outfit
    DRUUNA4 - Wonderwoman
    DRUUNA5 - Spiderman
    LUCEOK - Lights up dark areas
    ZEROK - Stats zeroes
    ABRHAM21 - All maps
    A50OK - Get levels AP0-AP9 . Works on levels AP0-AP9
    Submitted by Olen and Devin

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