DreamWorks Animation has eight movies planned

In one of those big, grandstanding events designed to please the moneymen, DreamWorks Animation boss Jeffrey Katzenberg has announced eight films that the company is working on.

Some we already knew about – Viking fantasy comedy How To Train Your Dragon arrives next spring, while Shrek Forever After (formerly Shrek Goes Forth ) is planned for May across the pond.

But it looks like 2010 will be a crowded 12 months, since the DreamWorks team seems convinced that audiences will lap up three films from the company.

So November next year will also see the release of Oobermind – once titled Master Mind – the Ben Stiller-produced tale of a super villain (Robert Downey Jr) who feels his life is missing something after finally defeating his superhero nemesis.

2011 finds the already greenlit Kung Fu Panda sequel, which now has the title The Kaboom Of Doom and both Jack Black and Dustin Hoffman signed on.

Much more interesting is the film currently known as The Guardians , based on another, yet-to-be-published book from Shrek ’s William Joyce.

Apparently it finds the likes of Santa Clause, the Sandman and the Easter Bunny teaming up to fight bogeymen. Joyce is said to have given all the iconic fantasy types new names and back stories and is collaborating on the movie.

Then we have a sequel prequel stash in 2012, with Puss In Boots finally coming together as a story set before Shrek 2 (and adding Salma Hayek as love interest Kitty) and yet another Madagascar outing.

Oh, and right at the end of Variety’s report is the mention that the final 2012 slot will be filled by one of three original pitches – caveman comedy Crood (which was once supposed to be a DreamWorks/Aardman team-up before the failure of Flushed Away ), Truckers , adapted from Terry Pratchett’s book by Simon Beaufoy and something truly new about ghosts.

Phew… Depending on how you feel about DreamWorks’ output, this is either a hugely exciting or vastly depressing line-up.

[Source: Variety ]

So then… excited? Or bored by the company’s endless sequel choices?


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