Available on: Xbox

Dragon's Lair 3D Cheats, Codes & Guides

Dragon's Lair 3D Cheats

  • How to unlock Cheat mode

    Go to the main menu (Start, Load, Options, Gallery) and press quickly

    * R + click Left Analog-stick
    * Press R + click Right Analog-stick
    * press R + click Left Analog-stick
    * press R + click Right Analog-stick
    * press R + White
    * R + Black
    * R + White
    * R + Black

    "R" = Right Shoulder Trigger

    Start a game and find the rewards: "No Rewards", "Sword Time", "Infinite Mana", "Continuous Fire Sword", "Pencil Test Characters", "Smooth And Shaded Characters".
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Available Platforms: Xbox