Dragon Age 2 crafting collectibles guide

Act 1

Potion Recipes


Restoration Potion Recipe – Formari Herbalist, Gallows


Elfroot Potion – Gift from Lady Elegant, Lowtown


Elixer of Purity Recipe – The Black Emporium (DLC only)



Potion Ingredients

Elfroot x 6
Spindleweed x 3
Embrium x 1


Elfroot #1 (Sundermount)



Elfroot #2 (Sundermount)



Elfroot #3 (Sundermount Ambush Point – The Way It Should Be quest)



Elfroot #4 (The Bone Pit)



Elfroot #5 (The Wounded Coast)



Elfroot #6 (The Wounded Coast)



Spindleweed #1 (Lowtown)



Spindleweed #2 (The Wounded Coast)



Spindleweed #3 (Slaver Caverns – Wayward Son Quest)



Embrium #1 (Dead Man’s Pass – Blackpowder Promise Quest)




Rune Designs

Rune of Fire Warding Design – Wounded Coast


Rune of Lightning Warding Design – Mage Goods, Gallows



Rune of Frost Warding Design – Sanctuary, Enemies Among Us quest


Rune of Fire Design – Dark Foundry, First Sacrifice quest


Rune of Frost Design – Lirene’s Ferelden Imports, Lowtown


Rune of Lightning Design – Sundermount


Rune of Impact Design – Wilmod’s Camp, Enemies Among Us quest


Rune of Protection Design – Worthy’s Shop, Hightown


Rune of Fortune Design – The Black Emporium (DLC only)



Rune Ingredients

Lyrium x 5
Silverite x 4
Orichalcum x 1


Lyrium #1 (Bone Pit Mines – The Bone Pit quest)


Lyrium #2 (Runaway’s Cavern – Act of Mercy quest)


Lyrium #3 (Tal Vashoth Cavern - Blackpowder Promise quest)


Lyrium #4 (Deep Roads)


Lyrium #5 (Deep Roads)


Silverite #1 (Vimmark Mountain Pass – Shepherding Wolves quest)


Silverite #2 (Tal Vashoth Caverns – Blackpowder Promise quest)


Silverite #3 (Sundermount Caverns – Long Way Home quest)


Silverite #4 (The Deep Roads)


Orichalcum #1 (Primeval Ruins – Deep Roads Exhibition Quest)



Poison & Grenade Formulas

Debilitating Poison Formula – Gift from Tomwise, Darktown


Tar Bomb Formula – Shady Merchandise Shop, Docks


Deathroot Toxin Formula – Shady Merchandise Shop, Docks


Combustion Grenade Formula – Tal Vashoth Cavern (leader’s corpse, Blackpowder Courtesy quest)


Crow Venom Formula – The Black Emporium (DLC only)



Poison & Grenade Ingredients –

Deep Mushroom x 5
Deathroot x 3
Glitterdust x 1


Deep Mushroom #1 (Sundermount)


Deep Mushroom #2 (Bone Pit Mines – The Bone Pit quest)


Deep Mushroom #3 (Slaver Caverns - Wayward Son quest)


Deep Mushroom #4 (Deep Roads)


Deep Mushroom #5 (Deep Roads)


Deathroot # 1 (Darktown)


Deathroot #2 (Sanctuary)


Deathroot #3 (Disused Passage – Docks)


Glitterdust #1 (The Wounded Coast)


  • lethcaltra-mianmare - January 30, 2012 10:11 a.m.

    Lol, its a good enough guide, it tells you tha location and even shows tha mini map for easy locations... But it isnt very organised! XD an idea would be to list a location then whats there. I.E. "Sundermount" then Elfrootx6, Silveritex1, Deep Mushroomx1. Then show location pics. I missed a few things like the Silverite in the Tal-Vashoth caverns during the Blackpowder Quest. Worse, when you complete it tha cave is inecessable so now im out a silverite... Lol, im trying to put togather a guid, maby notes the site could use?
  • TheDarkslyder - March 24, 2011 7:24 p.m.

    Locations are on pages 2-4
  • daymun - March 24, 2011 7:17 p.m.

    I'm sorry but how is this a guide? All of these ingredients and the total amounts collectable are listed in as soon as you try to craft something in act 1. We need the LOCATIONS for it to be guide surely?
  • GoldenMe - March 24, 2011 7:09 p.m.

    I don't get it. Several days are spent making guides for this game. Yet the review was a staggering 1 page long. I know there's an entire shit-hurricane surrounding this game, so I'm inclined to think that whoever reviewed DA2 just posted a small one to avoid attention. I don't know. I shouldn't really be caring seeing as I have no interest in the game. Thus everything I typed is rendered null. First?

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