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More retro treats from classic consoles than you could ever hope to play.

1) Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Arguably the best adventure game ever made. A game with so many beautiful moments you’d be mad to miss it.

2) Super Mario World
The best 2D platformer ever made. Every detail, every platform, every enemy has been placed by the god-like hands of Miyamoto.

3) Super Mario 64
A platformer that’s truly stood the test of time - not bad for the first 3D platformer ever made. If you’ve never played this before then it’s well worth it - more so because it’s much more playable than the DS version.

4) Gunstar Heroes
An astonishingly good two-player scrolling shooter that's got more bosses and bigger explosions than anyone thought the Genesis capable.

5) Super Castlevania IV
One of the better 2D side-scrollers of the 16-bit era. The platforming, combat and chilling soundtrack are still brilliantly satisfying.

6) Mario Kart 64
Four-player racing at its old-school best, now with slightly sharper visuals and far less cheaty than Double Dash!! You could even argue that the N64 version boasted some of the best tracks in the series' long history.

7) Bomberman ‘93
A multiplayer game that’s really lost its way of late (we’re still scrubbing the smell of Act Zero off our hands) so relive the series glory-days with this

8) R-Type 3
It was a toss up between this and the original, but this one wins out - mainly because it’s teeth-gnashingly difficult, but still remarkably playable and enjoyable at the same time. It also still looks lovely 15 years after its release.

9) Kirby's Adventure
One of the sweetest platformers ever, packed with secrets and tons of cool power-ups. Was Kirby's big break too, and one of the NES' last notable releases.

10) Sonic the Hedgehog
This has already been on every Sega compliation under the sun, but you have to admit it's still a damn fine game.


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