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Sony's black beast is playing catch-up as far as downloads are concerned, but it's still got plenty to offer, with some exciting new games on the way. Here's its 8 best games.

1) Tekken: Dark Resurrection
A slightly tweaked PSP game, upscaled to cracking HD-o-vision. It looks pretty sweet.

2) Lemmings
A classic re-mastered and reworked for HD - which basically means entirely new puzzles in which to guide the mindless rodents from the entrance to the exit via a range of handy skills.

3) flOw
Use Sixaxis to control a snakey-fish around the sea, eating other plankton to evolve and attacking bigger plankton. The most calming thing we’ve done since we accidentally shot ourselves with a rhino tranquilizer.

4) Go! Sudoku
It’s numbers time. Grid-based logic puzzles for the over 50s. And girls. It’s nice enough to have it available, but your mom will still prefer playing it using pencil and paper. Sorry.

5) Calling All Cars
It's multi-player cops and robbers by Mr. David “God of War ” Jaffe - with up to four players battling it out to capture criminals.

6. Gran Turismo HD
This is free. OK, so it’s only one track, but we found ourselves locked in a time trial induced trance for the whole day after we downloaded it.

7) Blast Factor
Move with one stick, shoot with the other, with the exception of using the Sixaxis tilt to turn enemies around. It looks nice enough, and would be a recommended download if it wasn’t so deathly dull. Average at best.

8) Warhawk
Now download only. The version we played at Tokyo Game Show last year was a promising Battlefield-style multi-player shooter, and used Sixaxis brilliantly. It’s not out yet, but it’s shaping up to be loads of fun.


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