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How many games?
There are now over 90 games available. The Virtual Console has the most frequent releases, with one to four games arriving each week.

What kind of games?
You can download games for the NES, SNES, N64, Genesis, TurboGrafx-16 and, eventually, Neo Geo. At the moment there aren’t any original games like you’ll find on the other two services.

Any freebies?
No free games, but you can now watch preview movies of the games online, so you can at least take a look before you buy.

Special features
If you delete games to free space, you can re-download the game free. Also, check the controller compatibility for each game too. SNES and N64 games for example, need either a GC pad or Classic Controller to play.

Not so good for…
Original content. Retro games are great (even if they are slightly over-priced in our opinion) but how about some completely original games? Word is some might be on the way.

GamesRadar says:
Hats off to Nintendo, the Wii’s only been out a short while and yet they’ve been giving us amazing old-school treats every single week. You really can’t argue with the choices - all they need now is decent original content.


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