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Xbox 360

How many games?
At the moment, there are just under 60 games - more are added every week (usually just one or two) of varying quality, either retro or original.

What kind of games?
A really good mix. There are loads of (great and not-so-great) coin-op classics to choose from and a really good selection of completely original games.

Any freebies?
Oh yeah; every Xbox has smart-puzzler Hexic pre-installed. There’s also Totem Ball - a free game for the 360's camera, plus an impressive list of free demos, often from the hottest games.

Special features
Plenty. Online leaderboards for every game - great to see how your skills stack against the rest of the world. Many games have cooperative and competitive online multi-player as well as extra downloadable content. Great stuff.

Not so good for…
Regular, quality content. Virtual Console has overtaken it in terms of choice already. Microsoft needs to release more games, faster and stop piling on terrible retro nonsense that no one really wants.

GamesRadar says:
While the games aren’t exactly coming fast, there’s still loads of games, across all genres, from retro favorites to brilliant original games plenty of free demos.


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