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Next-gen downloads go head to head


Sony's black beast is playing catch-up as far as downloads are concerned, but it's still got plenty to offer, with some exciting new games on the way. Here's its 8 best games.

1) Tekken: Dark Resurrection
A slightly tweaked PSP game, upscaled to cracking HD-o-vision. It looks pretty sweet.

2) Lemmings
A classic re-mastered and reworked for HD - which basically means entirely new puzzles in which to guide the mindless rodents from the entrance to the exit via a range of handy skills.

3) flOw
Use Sixaxis to control a snakey-fish around the sea, eating other plankton to evolve and attacking bigger plankton. The most calming thing we’ve done since we accidentally shot ourselves with a rhino tranquilizer.

4) Go! Sudoku
It’s numbers time. Grid-based logic puzzles for the over 50s. And girls. It’s nice enough to have it available, but your mom will still prefer playing it using pencil and paper. Sorry.

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