Dominate WWE SmackDown! vs RAW 2008

Show your style
How to use the new fighting styles to clamber to the top...

Obviously this is the best attribute to use if you’re getting into a Hardcore match, but it’s also surprisingly handy if you’re going into a ladder, TLC or I Quit match, because you’re more likely to bleed and incur limb damage in these. The only match type to avoid is First Blood, where you won’t be able to use your biggest asset - juicing.
Pair it with: Dirty - you can use the ref shove to take the official down, then use weapons to dish out the punishment.

Not many wrestlers have this, but it’s very useful in I Quit matches - as well as Triple Threats or Fatal Fourways where you can win with a sub as well as a pin. It’s also a very useful skill to use against online opponents who love isolating a limb and wearing you down until you die of boredom.
Pair it with: Technical. You’ll be able to counter subs, strikes and grapples, making you trickier to catch than a buttered gazelle.

This one’s handy if you’re quick on the counter button and good at building momentum. You’re best triggering your fighting style when your opponent’s got you hurt, giving you the chance to reverse several moves quickly and get things going your way once again.
Pair it with: High-flyer. Your combination of quickness and reversibility makes you almost impossible to catch.

Ah, the fun skill. Easily your best ability is pushing the ref into your opponent - he’ll almost home in, giving you an easy breather. The super dirty move’s also pretty handy, but be careful when you’re arguing with the ref after a pin - chances are you’ll get clattered.
Pair it with: Showman. There’s nothing better than throwing the ref into your opponent, doing their own taunt and then smashing them in the plums to infuriate them even further.

This one’s all about gaining momentum and using it. It’s best to throw your opponent out of the ring with the powerful Irish whip, then steal their taunt when they’re out of the ring for a massive burst of momentum. Stealing their finisher’s best reserved for when you’re really showing off.
Pair it with: Powerhouse - every time you get a burst of momentum, you can use it to mount an unstoppable Hulk Hogan-style offence.

Sadly, the Possum Pin’s mostly useless - any decent human player will see it coming and avoid hitting you or smash you with a high-flying attack when you use it. Stick to using planchas to the outside and springboard moves off the ropes to catch your opponent off guard. When there’s a lot of running around going on the LT forward roll comes in handy, too.
Pair it with: Powerhouse. Springing about is all very well, but you’ll want to be able to slug it out if you have to. Hnnnrghh!

The most useful skill here is the unblockable strikes. It’s always tempting to use it as soon as you get it, but bear in mind that when you’re setting up a finisher your opponent will know that you’ll go for a kick to the midriff - you can use this skill to stop them from countering it.
Pair it with: Almost anything. Brawler works with nearly any style, since you’ll only really use it to punch it out with opponents anyway.


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