Docu-trailer shows mystery of BioShock Infinite

The story of a skyborne city and its fall from grace

A city in the sky secedes from the Union, and the rest of the world has no idea where it went. This latest trailer for BioShock Infinite gives the unnerving story of Columbia a documentary-style treatment, which hearkens back to the '70s mystery-a-week programs narrated by Leonard Nimoy.

The trailer plays down new footage or fanfare for crazy gimmicks in favor of setting the scene for Columbia's rise and (seemingly literal) fall. Not many games have the narrative chops to pull off a self-serious documentary angle like this, but we think BioShock Infinite manages.

Fortunately, there's no mystery when the game will actually come out--it's still set for March 26, after a maddening series of delays.


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