Doctor Who

We caught up with three of the game’s developers to talk time travel, Top Trumps and turning Who into a videogame…

Was it daunting working with such a well-loved license?

Pete Hickman: Of course! Doctor Who has been in the hearts and minds of the nation since the 1960s.

Why do you think Doctor Who and Top Trumps are such a natural fit?

George Wright: I think it’s great to break down the characters in the Doctor Who universe into categories. Now fans can say for sure that Martha Jones is more intelligent than Captain Jack.

How much input was there from the creators and stars of the series?

PH: It’s been really great working with the BBC and we know they’re excited about the project. They’ve been involved every step of the way and the team in Cardiff, who are filming the new series, get to see the progress made during development.

The series appeals to a wide audience - will the game?

Tom Heaton: At its core the game has classic Top Trumps gameplay. This is a game your dad will have played in the playground when he was a kid. It’s simple, but has a lot of depth. We think we’ll have boys and girls of all ages playing it.

Many fans might have been hoping for a full-on action title, is this on the cards at all?

TH: We’re playing our cards close to our chests on this one.

GW: When you’ve been upgraded then we can chat.

PH: We could discuss this but we’d have to exterminate you.


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