Doctor Who: "Bells" Consolidated Rating & "Rings" AI Figure

The final consolidated viewing figure for Doctor Who “The Bells of Saint John” (which means it includes people who recorded the show to watch later) has come in at a very healthy 8.44 million viewers, pretty much an increase of nearly two million on the overnight figure.

The appreciation index (AI) figure (a measure of how much the audience enjoyed the programme) for "The Rings Of Akhaten”, meanwhile, was 84, which was a little down from usual, but hardly the searing indictment that some fans were predicting, and far from the lowest New Who has ever received (“Love & Monsters” with 76) and pretty much the level the whole of the Eccelston series got, bar the finale. In fact, that AI figure means the panel rated it the same as “Dalek”. Just saying.

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