Available on: PS2

Disney Golf Classic Cheats, Codes & Guides

Disney Golf Classic Cheats

  • Get Mickey Cup

    Beat 3 expert class matches
    Unlock Midair Match
    Beat the Mickey Cup to unlock it
    Get Sky Course
    Use expert class on the Midair Match to beat Mortimer to unlock the Sky course
    Get European Course
    Beat Mortimer in the skins match on expert class
    Get Expert Class
    Beat 3 beginner class matches
    Unlock Drake Character
    Beat Drake in the Nearest the Pin challenge in expert class
    Unlock Daisy Character
    Use Challenge mode to beat Daisy in beginner class
    Unlock Pete Character
    Use the Long Drive challenge to beat Pete using expert class
    Unlock Max Character
    Use Combination Play to beat the Max character using expert class
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Available Platforms: PS2