Dishonored strategy guide

A Mission of Great Importance

Corvo Attano is returning from a long trip through the Isles. He’s been to other cities, asking for help with the rat plague that is destroying his homeland. It’s hard for someone who protects the Empress to spend so much time abroad, and now to return and see that the city is in worse shape than when he left is even more upsetting.

Chapter 1: Dunwall Tower

When you’re ready to begin, select “New Game” from the initial menu and then choose a difficulty. The effects of this choice are considerable. Easy difficulty allows you to regenerate health at a faster rate, and the enemies are less challenging. Enemies become more perceptive in higher difficulty levels, fight harder, and push Corvo to his limits.

If you’re beginning the game for the first time, we suggest normal difficulty. This makes the game a reasonable challenge without being too tricky. However, those who like a very aggressive learning curve can push things higher and still expect to be able to play. It will just take more time to master each mission. If you find that the difficulty you’ve chosen is not the right fit, you can change it at any time during the game in the options menu.

1. Beginning of Game
2. Water Lock
3. Entrance to Tower Grounds
4. Meet Emily
5. Hide and Seek Area
6. Sokolov and Overseer Campbell
7. Gazebo (Greet the Empress)