Dishonored strategy guide

Friends and Foes

Corvo is originally from Serkonos, a foreign isle, which makes him an outsider in the City of Dunwall. Assigned to serve the Empress as a diplomatic gesture, he has served loyally as a bodyguard, agent, spy, and sometimes assassin. Agile, strong, and driven, Corvo is a skilled practitioner of infiltration and target elimination. As the game opens, Corvo is accused of murder, sentenced for execution, thrown into jail, and publicly dishonored. With the help of a Loyalist conspiracy dedicated to overthrowing the tyrannical Lord Regent, Corvo gets a chance to escape and strike back at the powerful cabal who wronged him.

Ruler of the Empire of Isles, the Empress Jessamine presides over her Court, including the Royal Protector, Corvo Attano, and her intelligence officer, the Royal Spymaster Hiram Burrows. Having ascended to the throne as a young woman after the death of her father, the Empress represents a less twisted age that is now gone and seemingly forgotten. Her Court is a cauldron of self-centered deceit and corruption.

A respected officer in the Royal Navy, Farley Havelock is an old-money aristocrat and lifelong military man who spent much of his life at sea. The Admiral is self-assured, no-nonsense, always neatly uniformed and dutifully convinced that his cause is just. In the wake of the assassination that opens the story, Havelock is ousted from the Navy in a political disagreement with the Royal Spymaster, the new Lord Regent. The Admiral’s pistol and military training make him a formidable ally—and a dangerous adversary.