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Dirk Smallwood Cheats, Codes & Guides

Dirk Smallwood Cheats

  • Get Everything

    Press esc then type the power then you go to your burnt house and pick up a poition in the coner that will give you everything
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Dirk Smallwood Hints

  • Go to another island

    At south of Windemere town, looking for some pebbles in two line. Go through that you will go to another island where you can buy flame bow and get different poison and some gold.
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  • Very Secret Duck Writing

    Ok here's what you do. You go to the to the stairs that leads you to the snow version of Good Heart Castle.( you at least have to be level 14) Make sure you don't go in the stairs. Go to the right side of the stairs and move to the right, keep on going until you go to a new screen. then there should be a bunch of ducks. If you look closely the ducks will spell "Seth Rules". and that's the game's most secret writing.
    Submitted by Colin
  • How to find hidden Dungeon code 0001

    Well you must at least be 18th level and be at the edge of the world. Well you must go to the far left corner where the rock monster is and below him are some trees and use either hell fire or fire ball i prefer hell fire. Well you try to make your way throw and move upwards until you see a staircase and go throw and and you`ll find a castle that looks like King David's except there's snow around you ,and enter and you will find the third Dungeon ,and you'll see the little magician and he`ll say something to you and you can keep going back for loads of experience and gold, but i like the ancient Dungeon where you use the time machine thing, and well i have other codes i can tell you but there basically glitches
    Submitted by Diabmaster

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