Available on: PS2

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Dino Stalker Cheats

  • Credit Fun

    The credits can be shot up with your weapon!
    Extras and How to Get Them
    1) Movie Mode- Lets you watch all the movies from the game. Complete the game in easy mode
    2) Duo Player Mode- Lets you and a friend play a co-operative game, one moves with an analogue controller and the other shoots with a G-Con 2 or other gun controller. Complete the game in normal mode.
    3) Infinity & Animation Frames- Infinity will let you play the game with unlimited ammo and life and time. I don't know what the other does but you have to complete the game in normal mode without using a single resuscitations. It is really difficult as you also have to get a score of 3000000 or something like that so you cannot just run through the levels Have fun!
    Extras - Special Menu & movie Mode
    Finish the game using easy difficulty 1 time to get these extras
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Available Platforms: PS2