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Die by The Sword Cheats, Codes & Guides

Die by The Sword Cheats

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    *Depress F1 while entering the following codes.
    AGRAV: toggles limb gravity.
    BTINY: decreases the size of your character.
    DEDLY: grants deadly weapon.
    GOLRG: increases the size of your character.
    LUNAR: toggles lunar gravity.
    MUKOR: toggles god mode.
    PEACE: kills all enemies.
    SILKY: freezes enemies.
    FREEZ: Turns of AI on level
    GHOST: Turns off enemy physics, while you remain in control
    AIAIM: Allows you to see enemy targeting info
    BAMFF: Teleport to a predetermined level
    HICUP: Randomly puts characters on the screen
    IFALL: Your character falls
    GOCAM: Enables camera that you can move with the CTRL+ U, I, O, J, K, L keys
    FPERS: Display frames per second
    BZONE: Cycles graphic modes
    *Command line parameters:
    -GOD: enables god mode.
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