Did we really put up with GTA when it sucked like this?


Only a niche concern this, but still a potentially mind-breaking problem. See, Grand Theft Auto has lots of cheats - plenty of which change the way the world works around you. So, for instance, you can give all the pedestrians guns. Or you can make them try to kill each other. Or you can give them guns and make them try to kill each other. Fun, no?

Fun, but only so long as your savegame isn't corrupted, randomly, by using these codes. Or if you accidentally save the game with GTA III's 'Liberty City Survivor' cheat - ie, pedestrians shooting each other - activated. And then find you can't turn it off. Ever.

This happened to us at the very last mission. Since we couldn't turn off the cheat, we could never rescue Maria because the guards surrounding her (and anyone else nearby) always killed her first. So, with no uncorrupted savegames, we had to start again. From the very beginning. Damn you, Rockstar!


  • JosefMotley - January 2, 2010 11:42 a.m.

    it's funny when the first GTA came out it did feel like a throwback to those days of amiga games with such spectacular game ruining bugs in them it was almost like being on drugs. and the 3D ones haven't really progressed from that much. no mention of the awful girlfriend system in san andreas? half the time they'd never ever come home and you'd leave your character outside their house for like two weeks of gametime before just having to give up. also half the time i could never play pool in any of the bars and i have a lot of memories of boring drives between the only three bars in the game. and the stupid glitches in the territory gaining sections....i could go on about how broken that was for weeks, but i wish you guys had instead! san andreas is intensely bugged... vice city was miles better simply for actually feeling finished.
  • gdd411 - July 13, 2009 4:59 a.m.

    i understand what you mean i never realy used to like to play gta because it was messed up but now that i think its a little better looking and i also think that its a little bit better to play the story instead of just ocasionally screw around

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