DiCaprio remaking The Third Man?

Could Leonardo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire really be working on a remake of Carol Reed's classic The Third Man?

Before you scream heresy (and if you screamed "what's that?", get thee to a rental store and find out now), we'd gently point out that's it's only a rumour at this point.

Still, CHUD thought it possible enough to fun a story on the idea that DiCaprio and Maguire might be planning a collaboration with Eastern Promises writer Steven Knight, with the trio part of a package that Canal Plus is apparently shipping out to studios.

The original also featured a pair of friends - Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles, who were pitted against each other in the story of a man (Cotten) drawn to Vienna with the promise of a job, only to find that his mate has been killed. But there's a deeper conspiracy at play...

There's no director yet and nothing solid who who might be playing what should this thing even get off the ground.

Plus, who would ever want to compete with the original? We'll find out soon enough - if it's true, of course…

[Source: CHUD ]

Should anyone even try to remake the film? Speak!


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