Diablo III behind-the-scenes photo tour

GamesRadar recently had the pleasure of clicking through the Diablo III beta – and  while Blizzard Entertainment’s long-awaited sequel looks amazing in its own right, the company’s campus is just as impressive. During our visit, we had the chance to take a tour through the Diablo III studio, giving us an amazing behind-the-scenes look at where all the magic happens. So come on in and see what everyday life looks like for the development team responsible for crafting the finest loot tables and most dangerous dungeons in the world of gaming!

Blizzard employees are just as excited about Diablo III as we are, perhaps even more so. One day, these mysterious signs saying “And the Campus Shall Tremble” started appearing on the walls throughout the building. The message is referring to the Blizzard campus, of course. Also, note the “Project Hydra” sign, which was the codename for Diablo III before Blizzard officially announced plans for the third game in the series.

The red design on the right in the photo below is pulled from a Diablo III rune. Runes will offer players additional ways to customize their loot. As we continued our tour, we saw many similar signs throughout the building with different runes from the game.

Above: One of the many graffiti-style tags that line the halls of the Diablo III studio and surrounding work area

Before we enter the proper Diablo III work area, we pass through the building’s side entrance, which features a statue of StarCraft II’s Jim Raynor. Although this is where the epic Raynor statue normally resides, Blizzard often packs him up to take to tradeshows.

It was difficult to get a photo that properly captured the statue’s enormity. It towers over the room – and if you look carefully, you can see the very top of the base that Raynor stands on poking into the frame. The folks who built the statue used lots of scrap metal found at junkyards to give the base that rugged look. Another interesting detail is that Raynor’s holster is made from real leather.

Above: The entrance lobby to the Diablo III work area. Street Fighter 2 Alpha and Super Street Fighter IV arcade cabinets sit to the left and right of this Jim Raynor statue

We highlighted these World of Warcraft displays in our previous Blizzard photo tour. The monitors track and display World of Warcraft user activity around the world! And yes, they are also quite common in the Diablo III studio area.

Above: We saw more than a few World of Warcraft displays lining the halls in the Diablo III work area

Above: A Diablo fan created this emergency glass case, which houses a health and mana potion. It sits in a place of prominence in the hallway just outside the senior producer’s office

Above: This giant Diablo statue is so tall that his horns are practically kissing the ceiling. His eyes also glow, which makes it extra creepy


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