Devil May Cry 4 - updated impressions

Oct 31, 2007

Fans of the Devil May Cry series will be overjoyed to hear that two of the series’ best - and sexiest - characters are making a triumphant return in Devil May Cry 4. There’s Trish, a demon created in the image of Dante’s mother by the Hell beast Mundus, and Lady, a saucy devil hunter whose weapon of choice is a rocket launcher with an enormous knife strapped to it. And, as is tradition for female characters in Japanese-developed videogames, they’ve been given preposterously revealing new cleavage. Whether or not these two will actually be playable remains to be seen (Trish was briefly controllable in DMC2 as a secret character) but their presence is a definite fan pleaser.

But the demo shown at Tokyo Game Show this year consisted of the same levels Capcom have been showing over and over again since the game was first revealed several E3s ago, with the exception of a single new scene; an incredible battle between Dante and new lead character Nero. The rumours that Dante would be a boss in DMC4 are true, and for the first time you’ll be going head-to-head with the Son of Sparda. When the battle ends we see a cut-scene of Dante pulling Nero’s sword out of his chest. “You’re not human!” exclaims Nero. “Neither are you,” quips Dante before disappearing into the night. What could all that mean?

Hardcore Devil May Cry fans online seem to think Nero is Dante’s son, although with so little info released about the character we’ll save our speculation for previews nearer the game’s release. All we know for sure is that this will be the best, most over the top DMC to date.


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