Deus Ex: Human Revolution Doctorate Achievement & Trophy video guide

Tai Yong Medical

Better than Nature - **Note: For this eBook, you must have the Icarus upgrade** After you have entered Tai Yong Medical and have already taken one elevator, you will quickly come to a room with electrified water on the floor below some crates and scaffolding. If you need to, hack the prior gate to shut off the power and then stack the crates to reach the ladder atop the scaffolding.Climb up and in the next room with be another elevator on the far side. Before taking it however, open the vent on the left side of the room. Stack a crate from the right side and climb through. When you exit, you will come to a long drop that the Icarus is needed for and will find the eBook below along with a corpse and some other goodies.

Radical Evolution is a Reality - When you exit the elevator public part of the Tai Yong Medical Facility, follow the hallway around until you come to the Lee Geng Memorial Laboratory. The arrows will point the way and there is a security guard you will talk to outside the doors to enter. Once inside, go to the middle kiosk and there will be an eBook sitting on a crate in front of it.

Brain Implants - After you reach the penthouse and watch the hubbub that unfolds, you’ll need to make your way to the hanger. When you enter it, you’ll see two sentry bots stomping around on the lower floor, as well as two offices located on the second story; one labeled 01 and one labeled 02. To find the next eBook, head over to the office labeled with the 01 and enter it to find the eBook sitting out in the open on the console.

HUMAN POWERED – Autonomous Energy Reclamation Systems – As soon as you exit the elevator in the Picus building after talking to Eliza, head for the first hallway and on the right side will be a door almost immediately. Open the door and head up the stairs straight ahead and you will be in a broadcasting booth.Head to the back wall and find the eBook lying there.

Healing Thyself – Health Preservation Implants – After the standoff that you have to go through while you wait for the Funicular elevator to arrive, you will come out to a room with a staircase in front of you a camera on the right wall.If you can punch through walls, knock down the left wall beside the lasers and follow the vent through and to the left at the far end. If you don’t have the ability, follow the hallway to the end where the large hand statue is and then go through the vent on the left side behind the crate. Follow the vent to a large room where some guards and sentries are patrolling. Drop down and at the far end you will see an office on the upper floor. To find the eBook here, you’ll want to enter the office directly below it. There is a door on the left side that lets you enter, so make your way through the room of guards to the far side and enter the door to find the eBook on the desk within.

Return to Detroit City

Vagus Nervous Stimulators – Repurposing the Technology - When you reach the convention center, go to the top floor and through the double doors that the objective marker appears on. Before continuing to the show however, make a left to go towards backstage. Make your first right and enter the washroom that is the first door on the right to the door being covered by the bodyguard in the corner. Crawl through the vent, making a right, left, and then sticking to the right and you will pass over a coupe grates that show a room under you with 3 guards watching a television. Go to the vent opening and drop down and enter the room to the left, through the door. Here you’ll need to be either crafty or vicious, as the eBook is in the far left corner, right beside the TV. You can either cloak and grab it, or kill all the guards and grab it.Your choice, but there it is.

Dermal Modification Processes - When you follow the main storyline mission objective to locate Sandoval, you will locate his office through his apartment and through a wall into the sewers. Follow the corridor around, and after having taken out the few guards there, have a chat with Sandoval. Once you reach his office and you are done with the pleasantries of chit chatting, look on his desk for the eBook.

Lower Hengsha – Harvester Hideout

Understanding Vision (Part 2)- During the mission “Find Vasili Sevchenko’s GPL Device”In the Youzhao District of Lower Hengsha, you’ll need to enter the Harvesters hangout to get what you are after. Head to the lower level (level -2) and in the North West corner, you’ll find a room with some ghoulish things in it. The easiest way to get in to the room is to follow the weak walls along the north side, where as if you go the direct route towards the door, there are a load of guards waiting for you. Once you enter the blood stained room, look on the desk to the right of the table (which may or may not have a body on it) to find the eBook. If you miss the room at first, once you reach the mission marker and talk to Tong, simply make a left out of his room and then enter the door behind the couches and table out in the parking lot to find the eBook.

Singapore Facility - Omega Ranch

Delgado and Stimoceiver – Once you reach Singapore and are tasked with tracking down team members, Nia Colvin will be the first you come across just after entering the main facility. She will tell you that there is an elevator that you can take to find another team member. Head out of her room and make a left down the hall. Pass the camera and then make a left turn at the last hallway. There will be a door that leads to room G-23. You can either hack the door to enter (security level 4) or walk down the hall a bit to find a weakened wall to punch through. Once in the room, go to the far left side and the eBook will be on a desk beside a sheet covered table.

Reimagining Retinal Implants: Doctor Dobelle’s Success – Once you are in the fight with Namir, defeat him using whatever technique you like (I went with the simple “use cover while seeing through walls and hammering him with shotgun and revolver rounds” technique), and after the battle you will need to enter a room at the end of the hallway. After the cutscene is over, don’t leave the white room just yet. Hack the level 5 safe to find the final eBook and you’ll receive the Doctorate Achievement/Trophy for your troubles.

Sept 9, 2011