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Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed Cheats, Codes & Guides

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Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed Cheats

  • Cheats

    Entry location: On the unlockables menu, hold the Nunchuck analog stick up for a few seconds and an enter cheat window should appear. Enter directional commands on the Wii remote D-pad.
    Up, right, down, right, up
    Unlock all game worlds
    Submitted by Farton
  • Most Cheats (Missing a Couple)

    Cheat mode
    Use one of the following methods to display the code entry screen. Press the Plus to pause game play, then press Nunchuck Right until the "Unlockables" menu appears. Left at the code entry screen.

    Unlimited Big Willy battery
    Press Left, Left, Up, Right, Down at the code entry screen.

    PK pick up heavy things
    Press Down, Up, Left, Up, Right at the code entry screen.

    Crypto Dance Fever skin
    Press Right, Left, Right, Left, Up at the code entry screen.
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    Kluckin's Chicken Blimp skin
    Press Left, Up, Down, Up, Down at the code entry screen.

    Leisure Suit skin
    Press Left, Down, Right, Left, Right at the code entry screen.

    Pimp My Blimp skin
    Press Down, Up, Right, Down, Right at the code entry screen.

    Stealth Space Ninja
    Press Up, Right, Down, Down, Left at the code entry screen.


    Shrink Ray
    Successfully complete the game.

    Submitted by Mac
  • Cheat codes

    Entry location: Unlockables menu
    On the Unlockables menu hold the nunchuck up and and an input code window will pop up

    "Lots Of Guns": Right Left Down Left Up

    Can't Be Killed: LDURU

    Crypto Dance Fever Skin: Right Left Right Left Up

    Infinite Ammo: Right Up Up Left Right

    Infinite Jetpack: Right Right Up Left Left

    Kluckin's Chicken Blimp Skin: LUDUD

    Leisure Suit Skin: Left, Down, Right, Left, Right

    Pick up Heavy Objects: Down, Up, Left, Up, Right

    Pimp my Blimp Skin: Down, Up, Right, Down, Right

    Stealth Space Ninja: Up Right Down Down Left

    Unlimited Big Willy Battery: Left Left Up Right Down

    Unlock all game worlds: Up, right, down, right, up.
    Submitted by GamesRadar

Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed Glitches

  • Tiny Little Zombie

    (Requires: Zombie gun, Shrink ray, PK)
    You have to be in your normal costume for this to work. Shrink someone. Make someone else a zombie. PK the zombie next to the Small dude. Body Switch with Shrunk Guy. The Zombie should begin to attack you. Get out of body! If you don't do this it wont work. 5/10 times it works!
    Submitted by BiGWiLlY
  • Cow In Water

    Take a cow close to the water, then push it into the water. If you do this correctly, it will look like the cow is running in the water
    Submitted by Big Willy

Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed Unlockables

  • Extra Help

    When you beat the game, you will have unlocked a yellow square. It doesn't sound good, but it is. First, spend time looking in the navicom location with the farm. In the smaller square crop field, theres one in the middle. What it does is give you back up. Crypto clones appear to help kill the humans. Don't worry if you kill one, the rest won't care. It's a big help with the military.


    Harbour City: on one of the ships.
    Fairfield: In a corn field.
    Fantasy Atol: In a cave (Cave is inside a wall)
    Submitted by Willaaaay, Starhaw
  • Unlockables

    Entry location: In-game
    All Chicks Mode: Complete the "Taking Flak" mission.

    All Willy Worker Mode: Complete the "Welcome to Fantasy Atoll" mission.

    Body Snatch Animals Mode: Complete the "Jiggling Bombs" mission.

    Grays in Black Skin: Complete the "Requiem for a Ratpoo" mission.

    Locomotive Blimp Skin: Complete the "Country Roads, Take Me Home" mission.

    Radioactive Zombie Mode: Complete the "Dinky and the Brain" mission.

    THQ Blimp Skin: Complete the "Burn, Baby, Burn!" mission.

    Working the Counter Skin: Complete the "Willy Unleashed" mission.

    Zombie Jamboree Mode: Complete the "Shields Down" mission.
    Submitted by GamesRadar

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More Info

Release date: Feb 25 2008 - Wii (US)
Mar 07 2008 - Wii (UK)
Available Platforms: PSP, Wii, PS2
Genre: Action
Published by: THQ
Developed by: Locomotive
ESRB Rating:
Teen: Alcohol Reference, Crude Humor, Sexual Themes, Tobacco Reference, Violence, Mild Language