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  • Submitted by Senio "Akuma" Rotondi

Destrega Cheats

  • Change Gradds Clothes

    On any Character select Highlight Gradd and hold R1,R2,L1 and L2and it will start the game. Now in battle Gradd will have on different clothes.
    Submitted by Daniel Poole
  • Dragon Ball Z Characters

    Goku: Beat 1player tournement and get excellent on Raone or Zauber, Felma or Rohzen, and Reyus or Princess Anjie. Go to 2player battle and do the following
    1: player 1 holds r1 and l1
    2: player 2 holds r2 and l2
    3: if done correct, Goku should appear on character selection screen.

    Gohan: Beat 1player tournement within 3min with Goku

    Crillun: Go to a 2player battle with Goku vs Goku and player 2 should become Crillun.
    NOTE: save immediatly or you will lose him
    Submitted by anonymous

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