Destiny release date not 2013, Activision says

Activision has said that the Destiny release date won’t fall in calendar year 2013.

In a press release distributed following yesterday’s reveal of Bungie’s new franchise, the publisher said the first game in the series isn’t included in its 2013 outlook and "there should be no speculation or expectation of a different result".

Activision's current financial year runs until December 31, 2013, and analysts had speculated that a Destiny launch this year was plausible.

The Call of Duty publisher has announced that Destiny will release on Xbox 360 and PS3 “as well as other future console platforms”, while Bungie chief operating officer Pete Persons said this week that the studio would "love [the game] to be on the PC" so "stay tuned", Examiner reports.

Destiny will feature first-person shooter elements attached to a wide-open, persistent world in which vehicles command a big part of the gameplay. It will let players customise their own class-based heroes, take on multiple enemy factions and grab unique new loot from raids and missions. We've written about all the new Destiny concept art and rounded up all the Destiny information available, but what does it mean? Find out on the latest Radar Reacts.